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Hide Folders

Protect your files and folders from prying eyes!
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Hide Folders is designed to protect your private information from being accessed, modified, or removed by other computer users. The program offers a simple and convenient solution to keep your files and folders secured and inaccessible to other people sharing the same computer.

Providing an attractive and modern interface, the application is intuitive and easy to use. All you need to do is just to load the files/folders you intend to hide or lock, and enable the protection method. Namely, you can either password-protect a file/folder from being opened, or make it completely invisible. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use them both. Most similar apps are limited to prevent specific files from being seen when browsing through your system, but with the utility here in question you can leave the content disclosed and leave read-only rights upon a document. This is a good feature if you consider that the content shouldn't be a secret, still you want to prevent it from being modified. Furthermore, you may configure hot-keys to fast open a protected file/folder, as well as for quickly enable or disable the protection.

A smart feature provided by the tool is the ability to wipe the tracks that may lead to the protected files or folders. Thus, with the right settings, the items will be automatically cleared from the Windows' folder that contains the most recently accessed files, from the Explorer's address bar, and even from Recycle Bin. What's more, you can enable the protection when the screensaver starts or when the computer is locked, stands by, or hibernates. If none of these modes are activated and you still want to keep hidden a file left open on your desktop, then you may set the program to enable the protection after a specific period of computer inactivity. Obviously, you are able to save a backup list with all the protected items, as well as import an existing list.

What the application literally does is hide and protect folders and files. The program runs well, but if you move a file into another folder by accident, the protection settings are lost. Still, if someone tries to delete a folder containing hidden files or subfolders, he will receive an error-like message with the information that the folder can't be removed since it isn't empty.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy-to-use.
  • Wipes the files or folders' tracks.
  • Can enable protection for unlimited number of items.
  • Protects files/folders regardless of their size.
  • It's not possible to removing folders that include protected files.


  • Rather pricy.
  • The protection isn't kept if you change the file's path.
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